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Chaat Masala

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KKS Chaat Masala ,50gm box.

  1. KKS Chaat Masala is a staple masala in Indian kitchen.
  2. Chaat masala is an all-in-one seasoning.
  3. Compliments Salads, Sandwiches, Fresh fruits, Finger chips, Snacks, Soft drinks, Sprouted beans.
  4. Can be used in gravies and curries to add tanginess.

Chaat is the best form of Indian street food that brings you a profusion of flavours from sweet and tangy to everything in between. One of the staples used in all kinds of street food is a spice mix known as chat masala. Catch Chatpata Chat Masala is the perfect additive to lift the taste of any kind of street food. Buy this product online today.

Ingredient Type : Chaat Masala
Net Weight : 50 g
Package Information : Packet
Brand : Khushiyon Ki Sougat
Manufacturer : Sougat Food
Warranty : 18 Months
Product Dimensions : 75 mm(W) 30 mm(H) 110 mm(D)
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