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Jal Jeera Masala

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KKS Jal Jira Masala,100g Box

  1. KKS Jaljeera is a powder for preparing a glass of tangy refreshing drink instantly.
  2. Jaljeera powder can also be used in vegetables, meats, gravies and curries top add a punch of tanginess and sourness.
  3. It is made using Low Temperature Grinding of several Indian spices.
  4. Jaljeera aids in digestion.

KKS Jaljeera Masala is a flavourful spice-blend used to prepare a refreshing summer drink called Jaljeera. It is filled with the goodness of jeera (cumin) that aids in digestion and rejuvenates the body. It's an ideal product for people of all age groups. Buy this product online today.

Ingredient Type : Jal Jeera Masala
Net Weight : 100 g
Package Information : Packet
Brand : Khushiyon Ki Sougat
Manufacturer : Sougat Food
Warranty : 12 Month
Product Dimensions : 85 mm(W) 30 mm(H) 135 mm(D)
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