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KKS Ajwain Whole

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KKS Spices Ajwain Sabut | Whole Ajwain Seeds | Carom Seeds | Ajamo 1000g

  1. Widely grown in the regions of Indian, particularly in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Ajwain plays a significant role in Indian food and it is often used to flavour lentil dishes.
  2. ajwain sabut has a distinctive and assertive essence with a mildly bitter taste. Ajwain has a sharp and pungent flavour which adds a contrasting element in simmered beans, vegetables, bread and lentils.
  3. Health and Wellness: carom herb is rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals. Sabut ajwain is widely used in Indian household as a home remedy to temporary cure stomach pain and nose congestion.
  4. whole carom seed is a key ingredient in Garam Masala spice mixture and several other spices mixes. It is largely used in savoury dishes like curries, stews, and lentils.

KKS Spices Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed) is sourced from the best farms. KKS Spices Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed) is dried under strict observation preventing any sort of contamination. Ajwain adds flavor to the food and is majorly used in all Indian cuisines. The strong flavor of Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed) of KKS SPICES helps in complementing other spices like Hing and Red Chilly . ajwain or carrom seeds contains essential oil, which is composed of several bio active ,and therefore it has medicinal importance because both thyme and ajwain contain the compound thymol ,carom seeds emits the similar notes as the green herb ;however ajwain also combines earthy mint taste with the bitterness found  in oregano. because of its strong ,dominant flavor ajwain is used in small quantities but your spice section of kitchen is incomplete without KKS spices.

Ingredient Type : KKS Ajwain Whole
Net Weight : 1 Kg
Package Information : Packet
Brand : Khushiyon Ki Sougat
Manufacturer : Sougat Food
Warranty : 6 Month
Product Dimensions : mm(W) mm(H) mm(D)
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