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Raita Dahi Masala Pack of 7

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KKS Raita Masala Powder pack of 7,50 g Box each

  1. Add a delicious, savoury touch to different types of raita with KKS Raita Masala.
  2. KKS Raita Masala is a mixture of rich & authentic spices like cumin, black salt, black pepper and more blended together to enhance the flavour of raita and give it the signature taste & aroma.
  3. KKS Spices are sourced from some of the best farms located at prime spice growing locations.
  4. KKS raita Masala is prepared using LTG technology (Low Temperature Grinding). LTG ensures better retention of natural oils & flavours in spices.

Raita Masala is use to make Raita, Lassi and Dahiwada. Raita and Lassi are the name of a staple Indian condiment, with its origin in the Indian subcontinent. Raita and Dahivada are two of the best delights to be made out of curd. To make them all the more amazing, KKS Raita- Lassi Masala is just the perfect choice. It is a blend of a number of spices that can ensure you that only the perfect Raita and Dahivadas will be reaching to your interested eaters in the family, or even the guests. The masala is also a great assistant to help you with digestion. Mindful Values: Natural ingredients | Enhance taste | Perfectly blended | Accurate flavor | Rich in aroma.

Ingredient Type : Raita Dahi Masala Pack of 7
Net Weight : 50 g
Package Information : Packet
Brand : Khushiyon Ki Sougat
Manufacturer : Sougat Food
Warranty : 12 Month
Product Dimensions : 75 mm(W) 30 mm(H) 110 mm(D)
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